AIIC Tufted Carpet Business

Our Tufted Carpet business consists of production facility for Tufting Carpets, Dyeing, Printing, Backing, Non-Woven & Fiber making lines.


Tufted Carpet Plant


A wide variety of different gauge computer controlled tufting machines ensures maximum flexibility in producing creative designs in different pile height & its weight.With annual producing of over 36 million square meters of tufted carpets and sales in 20-countries across the globe, this facility to all set  to achieve new heights of success in 21st century. Its design department is established to assist customers, interior designers & decorators to develop new designs from concept to completion. Latest  softwares  from Ned graphics  (Belgium) & Tuft co (USA) helps us to maintain innovation.While developing any new product & design, our team takes utmost care in selecting the right fiber, density, its color, luster, touch & feel keeping in view wear & tear, soiling, color & resistance to light & hygiene.




Our Rotary and chromo jet printing lines facilitate optimum combination of flexibility and speed providing economical choice based on the variety of designs for different carpet qualities and volumes. Radical different from all other method of printing, chromo jet is revolutionary in its ability to create unlimited pattern repeats providing enormous flexibility and surgical precision in designs.




Beck Dying & HTHP Jet Dying lines for Tufted carpets provides good economics for small as well as larger  quantities. It also extends flexibility in color selection and dye lot sizes providing good color fastness and brighter shades. Our tufted products are known for fantastic comfort characterstics such as Super Soft feeling, fluffy touch, warm & coziness.


Back Coating


With 160,000 Sq-m per day backing capacity, this unit is the backbone of the Tufted carpet production.Continuous monitoring and rigorous quality control procedures from latexing to the final carpet rolling and packing ensures 100% quality checked products before being dispatched to our valuable customers.




Our Non –Woven product are Carpet Underlay & Needle Punch Carpets with plant annual capacity of 3.2 million Sq-m.They are available in plain, various colors as well as in rib structure.These are widely used in commercial and residential space, automotive sector and open landscapes.




This integrated manufacturing unit produces polypropylene Fiber in different staple lengths and color from PP granules for captive consumption in dref spinning (for   Secondary backing) and for is equipped with state of art machinery for PP Fiber making, Extruder, Blending & Bale press machines with annual output of 3600 MT per year.


Our Product range includes:



Cut Pile Dyed ( Straight & Frieze Heat Set & it's blend)

Cut & Loop Dyed Prayer Carpets

Cut Pile Pile Dyed

Cut Pile Graphic Dyed ( Tone2Tone)

Cut Pile Graphic ( Straight & Frieze HS Blend)

Cut Pile Printed



Cut & Loop Plain

Cut & Loop 

Cut Pile Heat Set

Cut Pile Shaggy

Cut Pile Frieze

Look Pile Graphic

Cut Pile Graphic

Cut & Loop Jute Mover

Multi scroll

Full Repeat Scroll (FRS)

Level Loop

Level Loop Jute Mover



Cut Pile Dyed

Cut & Loop Pile Dyed

Cut Pile Printed

Cut & Loop Pile Printed

Full Repeat Scroll (FRS)

Level Loop

Level Loop Jute Mover

Multi Scroll



Cut Pile

Loop Pile



Cut Pile

Multi Scroll