Eastern Textiles Company

Eastern Textile Company (ETEX) was established in 1994. Since then, it has earnedits glorious reputation as a quality Carpet Backing manufacturer in Middle East. ETEX is the largest carpet backing manufacturer outside USA and Europe. Production capacities have been expanded substantially over the years due to ever increasing demand of ETEX products. More than 500 million sq-meters of Primary and Secondary backing are produced annually. Combining state of art technology and sound technical expertise of its manpower. ETEX has managed to become one of the world leaders in Carpet Backing segment exporting to more than 40 countries worldwide including USA, Australia & Europe etc.


ETEX  continuously strides to scale high peak to set new land mark of quality and achievement which ultimately lead to high quality product on day-in and day-out to satisfy our global customersand providing unrivalled competitive edge to our esteemed customers.


ETEX  sole objective is to provide excellent services to our valued customers . Meticulous care and attention is paid to customers needs. Continous improvements are based on ongoing R&D activities, constant analysis and study of current and future market trends. Everyone in the organisation are committed to continous improvements, determination and dedicated which helps ETEX to grow and prosper.


ETEX product range includes :

  • PP Primary Carpet Backing
  • PP Secondary Carpet Backing
  • Technical Fabrics
  • Agro + Geo Textiles
  • PP Grass Yarns
  • PP Technical Tapes
  • Dref Yarn
  • CF Yarn
  • PP Cable Filler Yarn

For more details on ETEX and its activities you can visit www.etex.com