National Spinning Company

National Spinning Company Ltd Co. (NSC) was set up in 1991 as an ambitious backward vertical integration plan to serve the parent company which was formerly known as “Saudi Carpet Factory”.


The production steps include Blending, Carding, Pin drafting, Roving, Spinning Winding, Doubling & Twisting of Spun & BCF Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon & Acrylic yarn in various counts and combinations. NSC has over the year served the needs of all the major carpet producers in the Middle East and Gulf region.


With the last major expansion carried out in 2009, the plant has a capacity of producing 16 Million Kg of spun yarn annually.


NSC produces:


Semi-Worsted Spun Yarn (PP, Acrylic, Polyester & Wool)

Blended Spun Yarn (Nm-2 upto Nm-10.5/2) 


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