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            Welcome to the world of carpets from the Arabian peninsula. We, at Al Abdullatif Industrial Investment Company, are the largest carpet manufacturer in the Middle-East and Gulf and rank amongst the first ten largest carpet manufacturers in the World. Our endeavor is to supply quality carpets at affordable prices. Backed by more than two decades of skill and expertise of our workmen and technical staff and created to the exact needs of our customers all over the world, our carpets have successfully built relationship, which is bonded by mutual trust and single objective of progress through partnership.

            We invite you to go through the pages which, gives an idea about our capabilities, our strengths, our competitiveness, our product ranges, our quality consciousness and our vision.

            If you need to know more about us, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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  • Eastern textile company
  • Adfa Blanket Company
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  • Nadeen Arabian Color Company
  • Shahd Paper Tubes

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